Jeffrey Q. McCune, Jr.

One of the freshest critical voices today, always offering new perspectives on everything from popular culture, gender, sexuality, and religion. Holding a PhD from Northwestern University in Performance Studies (focus: African- American Studies and Gender Studies), he is a professor at Washington University, a performer-writer, as well as a firestorm public speaker. His work can be found everywhere from The Huffington Post to the St. Louis Dispatch. He can be seen and heard on Sirium XM's Joe Madison Show to Bill Nye's (the Science Guy) Saves the World. Most recently, McCune's "Politics of Kanye West" received global recognition, as a state of the art course--drawing many students working at the intersections of popular culture, race, and gender.

McCune is author of the award-winning and groundbreaking book, Sexual Discretion, and first of its kind to suggest that the “Down Low”— the discreet way that men who have sex with men choose to be in the world— (what McCune calls “sexual discretion”) has a lineage further than this contemporary moment, with a significance that could challenge the stronghold of the prison-like closet that has been too easily assigned to black men who practice and privilege privacy and discretion.

At present, McCune is completing two book projects. The first, ON KANYE, a book which uses Kanye West as a case study to have critical conversations about "black genius," race, and iconography. The second manuscript, READ: An Experiment in Seeing Black, is a project which engages in what McCune calls "inappropriate readings." This book provides new perspectives on how to think about core institutions in the  black community--from slavery to the church--urging us to re-read age-old narratives which have shaped out consciousness.



The Book is Here!

Dr. McCune provides the first in-depth examination of how social expectations of black masculinity intersect and complicate expressions of same-sex affection and desire.