About JQM


Jeffrey Q. McCune Jr. is an Associate Professor of Women, Gender, Sexual Studies and Performance Studies at Washington University St. Louis. His work centers on Black masculinity, popular culture and performance, and race/gender/sexuality theory. 

He has completed his new book, Sexual Discretion: Black Masculinity and the Politics of Sexual Passing. McCune is a member of the Black Sexual Economics Group and the Black Performance Theory Consortium, and serves on the editorial boards of the Text and Performance Quarterly, Journal of Homosexuality, and Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men.  He has made contributions to multiple anthologies and journals. McCune is also a playwright and director, and his play, Dancin' the Down Low, has been recently selected for publication in an anthology. He is presently finishing a play, An Archive of Violence,  which addresses the everydayness of violence within and around black communities in America.


Scholars Network on Black Masculinity | Black Sexual Economies Collective | Wanda Alston Foundation

The Book is Here!

Dr. McCune provides the first in-depth examination of how social expectations of black masculinity intersect and complicate expressions of same-sex affection and desire.